Hot Yoga, Hot Beats

I'm partnering with CorePower Yoga and making playlists for their Chicago studios over the next few months. I couldn't be more excited! CorePower is the gold standard of yoga studios. My sister in LA has been going to CorePower religiously for years. My good friend Stephanie is an instructor at CorePower Bay Area. And I've learned something new every time I've been to CorePower.

The playlists I'm making for CorePower have yoga-inspired themes: charkas, dimensions, and elements. It's been a really fun and interesting exercise to think about songs through the lens of mindfulness, deep breaths, and intense movements.

To kick off our partnership, we hosted a special C2 class lead by yogi Nolan Lee at their Bucktown studio, one of over 25 locations in Chicago.

The class was incredible. Nolan is an amazing yogi. I've taken one of his classes before, and his movements are so inspiring. He moves with such strength and poise.

C2 is a challenging heated yoga class set to 95-98 degrees with added humidity. The postures definitely require full focus and concentration, but people still managed to look over and give me a smile. That's when you know the vibes are good!

Thank you to everyone who joined me and Nolan! If you weren't able to make the class, you can hear my playlists in rotation at CorePower Chicago studios over the next few months, and I have an exclusive recording of my set from that class for your listening pleasure!

Felt the #vibes at @corepoweryoga tonight with live DJ @djlanilove ✨💕

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