Sole Obsession: Pointy Black Flats

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a change in my shoe game. I used to rotate dozens of high heels and statement shoes, but now my rotation is down to just few pairs a season. Being on my feet as much as I am and constantly on the go, my priorities have shifted. Style will always be important, but I value comfort and versatility more than ever.

I look for shoes that I can slip on with almost any outfit and comfortably wear for an entire day, and that's lead me to my obsession with pointy black flats. The sharp toe adds a bit of polish to every look, and as we know, black matches almost everything. 

Last spring I bought these Clarks "Juniper" slings, and I've gotten so much wear out of them. I wore them almost everyday last spring through summer. I even wore them with socks in the fall because I loved them so much. They're not true flats, but the kitten heel is mild enough that they feel like flats to me.

This winter I found these Sam Edelman Circus "Farrah" loafers. I was initially afraid that they would be too similar to my Clarks, but having a closed heel and being completely black verses having the white sole made them different enough to me. I've worn the hell out of these the past few months especially it's still too cold to wear slings, and I plan to wear them even when it's warmer out.

So if you're looking for cute, comfy, and great cost-per-wear, consider some pointy black flats!