Form & Function: Eyeglasses

My first pair of SEE Eyewear frames

This Saturday April 9th, I'm DJing a spring trunk show at SEE Eyewear Water Tower (835 N Michigan Ave), and it inspired me to share my glasses shopping tips.

I used to see eyeglasses as an unfortunate functional necessity, but now, they're a fun fashion accessory. Over the years my collection has grown quite a bit, and so has my experience in helping friends pick out frames.

Wear casual or "everyday" clothing. 
Unless you're shopping for a second or fun pair, wear clothes you usually wear, so you can find glasses that will work with most of your wardrobe.

I have a couple go-to pairs that match with almost everything, and I have a handful of quirkier pairs that I rotate through when I'm feeling spunky. 

Wear contacts or bring a camera.
If you're anything like me and can't see more than a foot away without glasses, you'll need to wear contacts while shopping for eyeglasses so you can actually see how you look. If you don't have contacts, then bring a camera and take pictures.

Do your homework on your eye insurance benefits and lenses.
VSP, EyeMed, whatever your insurance, you should check your benefits coverage. Most vision plans will give you an allowance for one pair of glasses (for two years) or contact lenses. Some vision plans cover anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings. If you have a heavier prescription, you will probably want to buy high-index lenses for comfort as they're lighter than standard lenses.

And if you don't have vision insurance, keep an eye out for seasonal deals. This weekend, SEE is offering $40 off a single complete pair (frames & Rx lenses) and $125 of two complete pair purchases.

Be openminded.
This is my personal motto for shopping and style in general, and it's especially relevant for eyewear.  Try to step outside your comfort zone; you might be pleasantly surprised.  And keep in mind that the same frames can look very different in another color, so just try everything on.

Even if you think you've found something you love, try on more pairs. You might find something you love more, and if you don't, you'll feel even more confident in your decision to go with your first love.

Lastly, bring a friend or multiple friends!
Eyeglass shopping can get a bit overwhelming, so bring someone who will be honest and ideally someone with similar taste. If you have a few friends who are also shopping for eyeglasses, you can all go together and make an outing of it.

My growing collection of SEE Eyewear glasses. Like I said, a medical necessity turned fashion accessory!