Tipsy Love Nail Art Party & Mixtape

Hands are at the core of everything I do, especially DJing, so I love it when my nails are done. Nail art brings me so much joy and inspiration. The artistry amazes me, And I always feel incredibly lucky when I get to rock a set of nails by one of my favorite artists. Every mix and every little move is more fun with a set of painted nails.

In 2014, Astrowifey and I teamed up to throw a monthly nail art party called Tipsy Love. Astrowifey and a team of featured nail artists like Spifster, Gigi Jiggles, and Crowezilla did nails while I DJed. It was a fun celebration of nail culture and girl power!

Our party ran for over a year, but unfortunately we had to put our labor of love on pause due to scheduling conflicts. Friends and clients constantly asked as when we would bring the party back, so it was very special when we teamed up for a Tipsy Love reunion last month at Congruent Space in West Town.

To celebrate our Tipsy Love reunion and the unreleased issue of Tipsy Zine, I made a new mixtape "Nailed & Nasty". My last mixtape for Tipsy Zine "Prim & Polished" was inspired by the femininity of nails. This season, I wanted to make a mix inspired by the fierce and provocative side of nail art. I hope you'll enjoy!